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Listen to David Wiley & Akemi Takayama Perform on Piano & Violin

Akemi Takayama

David Stewart Wiley

We hope you enjoy these performances by Akemi Takayama & David Stewart Wiley. Both have performed at the Center previously, and we hope listening to these recordings will bring back fond memories of those concerts.

David Stewart Wiley is Music Director and Conductor of the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra, which has experienced remarkable artistic growth and expansion under his leadership. Wiley also serves as Music Director & Conductor of Orchestra Long Island. Akemi Takayama is concertmaster of the Roanoke Symphony as well as the Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra. She is also an Associate Professor of Violin, holding the Victor Brown Endowed Chair in Violin, in the Shenandoah Conservatory at Shenandoah University.

David Wiley & Akemi Takayama have been recognized by local, national, and international audiences, performing throughout the world.

Both of these compositions were written by David Stewart Wiley, and performed by David on piano and Akemi Takayama on violin.

Listen to Parting Ways

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