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2023 Gallery Schedule

Exhibitions that are currently on display:

Fibers of Nature is a national juried exhibition that includes artworks created with various natural materials that appear in everyday life. This exhibition highlights the beauty of multiple types of fibers and illustrates how artists transform these raw materials into art.

Paper Alchemy is an exhibition of artworks traveling internationally curated by James Thurman.  It features more than forty new artworks created specifically for this exhibition by thirty-eight different artists from four countries (Italy, Kuwait, Scotland, Turkey and USA).  All artworks include a piece of Thurmanite®, an innovative environmentally conscious material created by Mr. Thurman and used in his own artworks for nearly twenty years.  It is made of layers of recycled paper bonded with a plant-based eco-resin.  The exhibition includes wearable jewelry, small sculptures, and wall-mounted artworks.


Under the Skin is a group exhibition featuring some of the talented women tattoo artists in the New River Valley. Tattoo flash and drawings showcased here are meant to show a variety of individual styles, with particular homage to American Traditional style tattooing. Artists featured hail from Floyd’s own, Under the Sun Tattoo, Roanoke’s Electric Eye Custom Tattoos, and Christiansburg’s Elysium Tattoo.

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