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At the Appalachian Center for Photography: 'Dear B.J.: Postcards from the Pandemic'

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Please join us at the Appalachian Center for Photography for Dear B.J.: Postcards from the Pandemic an exhibition featuring photography by L.S. King, which will be on display through November 2021.

Statement by L.S. King

Dear B.J. is a series of photo-based, photopolymer gravures and is my creative non-fiction interpretation of life in Appalachia during the COVID-19 pandemic, as imagined through intimate postcard-sized images and one side of written correspondence. Each card features a black and white photograph with a backside written to a mysterious B.J. and signed by “ME.” Through these vagaries, I invite you into the world we all have shared. Perhaps you wonder who B.J. was, or maybe you know. Perhaps you relate to the “ME,” who signed the cards. And as you think about it all, possibly you overlay my visual narrative over your own.

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