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Oct 31: The 2021 Annual Halloween KidFest

Monsters, Gouls, Fairies, Princesses and Parents are invited to join us for a fun-filled Halloween at the Floyd Center for the Arts. Free pumpkins and spooky treats will be available to all who dare to participate.

For this free, all-outdoor event, the grounds of the Center will be decorated with whimsical and spooky Halloween magic for children of all ages to enjoy. The evening will offer mystifying activities: walk through a wrecked alien spacecraft (but be aware that some of the unidentified life forms may still be lingering!). Also, join a dapper ol' skeleton having a feast; he may even ask you to be the main course! Costumed volunteers will be stationed throughout the event. There will be plenty of opportunities for spooky fun, while guests enjoy Halloween themed refreshments, paint their very own pumpkin, take a moment to get a temporary tattoo, and play toss games. That's not all: the Mystic Witches will be delivering thrilling and enchanting performances! We encourage all to snap many keepsake photos in their costumes. (Anyone without a camera can ask an art center staff member to take a picture and have it emailed to them.)

This event will be held entirely outdoors on Sunday, October 31st, 1:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM, and it's entirely FREE! We hope to see you there!

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