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Youth Art Contest - Spring 2022 Winners

Featured Artwork: Frog (Habitats of the World) by Sophia Adamo

A BIG Congratulations to all the students who participated in our Spring 2022 Youth Art Contest! We received so many beautiful pieces made by students in 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th grades at Floyd Elementary, Willis Elementary, Indian Valley Elementary, and Check Elementary. Thank you so much to all the dedicated art teachers at these schools who are doing a great job teaching our children!

The themes that were presented to students are:

  • Underwater Adventure

  • Self Portrait

  • Fantasy Animal

  • Habitats of the World

Featured Artwork: Fantasy Animal by Maria Diaz

Winning artworks are now displayed at FCA in our library until May 9. Here are the list of winners:

1st Grade - WIllis Elementary - Self Portrait

  • 1st Place - Dallas Akers

  • 2nd Place - Eva Crosswell

  • 3rd Place - Finnegan Lowry

1st Grade - Willis Elementary - Underwater Adventure

  • 1st Place - Haley Bond

  • 2nd Place - Tucker Dials

  • 3rd Place - Carson Shorter

1st Grade - Indian Valley Elementary - Self Portraits

  • 1st Place - Quinn Mathis

  • 2nd Place - Hunter Crow

  • 3rd Place - Jude Farmer

1st Grade - Check Elementary - Underwater Adventure

  • 1st Place - Maggie Snelson

1st Grade - Floyd Elementary - Underwater Adventure

  • 1st Place - Kash Hubbard

  • 2nd Place - Willah Underwood

  • 3rd Place - Sawyer Crawford

3rd Grade - Floyd Elementary - Self Portrait

  • 1st Place - MacKenzie McDowell

  • 2nd Place - Ellie Shive

  • 3rd Place - Mason Dunfee

5th Grade - Floyd Elementary - Fantasy Animal

  • 1st Place - Abby Boothe

  • 2nd Place - Maria Diaz

  • 3rd Place - Bella Riccodono

7th Grade - Floyd Elementary - Habitats of the World

  • 1st Place - Sophia Adamo

  • 2nd Place - Sofia DeMaria

  • 3rd Place - Mikayla Keith

Notecards featuring these children's artworks will be available for purchase at FCA! All proceeds will be donated back to the art departments at each participating school. Please email with any questions.

Featured Artwork: Underwater Adventure Diorama by Maggie Snelson

Featured Artwork: Self Portrait by Eva Crosswell, Habitat by Sofia DeMaria, Self Portrait by Mason Dunfee, Self Portrait by Quinn Mathis, Underwater Adventure by Tucker Dials

Thank you to all the talented artists who participated in our art contest!

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