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Large Format Photo and Camera Exhibit – Appalachian Center for Photography

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

All are invited to come see ‘Large Format Photographs and Cameras: 1880s – 2020s' on exhibition at the Appalachian Center for Photography beginning Saturday, March 19. This exhibition features an impressive and extensive collection of large format cameras and photography equipment, as well as photographs taken from cameras similar to these that were created using traditional printing processes such as platinum palladium prints, gelatin silver prints, and more. The show will be on display from March 19 to June 10, 2022. The Appalachian Center for Photography is directed by Dr. Russell Young and is open Friday – Sunday, 10:00am-2:00pm, or by appointment.

Grand Canyon - Charles Palmer

Curated by renowned photographer and director, Dr. Russell Young, the aim of this exhibition is to highlight the evolution of the large format camera and several of the printing processes that resulted from years of dedicated experimentation. The large format cameras, on display throughout December, possess unique characteristics. The sizing of the equipment allows for a larger image size, extending from 4x5 inches up to 20x24 inches. The film is presented as sheets rather than the typical roll. Made with flexible bellows connecting the front and back of the equipment, allowance is made for a range of focal lengths with different lenses. This design also enables lateral and angular adjustments between the film plane and lens plane. Coupled with interchangeable lenses and backs, large format cameras offer an incomparable control and contemplative approach to the subject.

Photographs featured offer the viewer a fresh look into the history of photographic printing processes. Most of these are relatively unexplored by modern photographers. The audience is able to learn about and understand the labor behind platinum palladium prints, albumen prints, gelatin silver prints, and more.

Dr. Young is a wealth of knowledge about the vast history of photography and the large format cameras and photographs presented in this exhibition. Much of this history is at the risk of being lost as photography is largely based around cellular phone cameras and easy-to-use printing processes. The Appalachian Center for Photography provides an unparalleled opportunity for photography enthusiasts, or those new to the medium, through the meticulously curated exhibitions, intensive equipment inventory, and incredibly thorough history presented by Dr. Young.

The Appalachian Center for Photography (ACP) is located adjacent to the Floyd Center for the Arts. It showcases photography exhibitions from both internationally and regionally known photographers. Founder and Managing Director of the Appalachian Center for Photography, Russ Young, holds a Master's degree in photography from The University of Texas and a Doctorate from Saint Andrews University in Scotland. The Appalachian Center for Photography will be open to the public from March 15th through December 15th every year, and always by appointment, both for individuals and class groups.

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1 Comment

mary grant
mary grant
Oct 11, 2023

We really enjoyed our visit.

Russ was very knowledgeable .

He also had some great stories!

Mary & Scott

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