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Give Local - Support the Arts Today!

The Floyd Center for the Arts is excited to participate once again in the annual Give Local NRV campaign, kicking off this year on June 26th at noon and continuing for 24 hours! We are thrilled to announce that early giving is now open! Give Local NRV offers a wonderful opportunity for our community to unite and ensure that the numerous opportunities we strive to provide for artists and art lovers continue to thrive.

As we prepare for Give Local NRV on June 26th, we celebrate our resilience and progress made possible by your support. Despite setbacks like last year's fire, we've revamped our space and unveiled new studios for various art forms at our June 15th Open House. Your donation during Give Local NRV directly sustains our efforts to expand community outreach and provide enriching art experiences.

Early giving begins today, leading up to the main event starting at noon on Wednesday, June 26th, and concluding at noon on Thursday, June 27th.

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