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BLACK & WHITE in the BLUE RIDGE - Photography Event

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Offered by the Appalachian Center for Photography on the Floyd Center for the Arts Campus

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BLACK & WHITE in the BLUE RIDGE is for film photographers to gather to celebrate Black & White (and Color) film photography in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Event lectures and demonstrations will be held in the Fallon Community Hall at the Floyd Center for the Arts, next door to The Appalachian Center for Photography. It's a spacious, well-lit space crafted with locally harvested and milled wood. There will be tables to display prints, camera gear for sale or trade, etc. An elevator and bathrooms are nearby.

The gathering’s organizers, Jim Andrachi, Chris Coffey and Russ Young have a combined experience of more than a century in retail, commercial and academic photography. There will be lectures and demonstrations mid-day on Friday and Saturday with free time in mornings and afternoons for taking photographs. If there is sufficient interest, Russ will lead a car tour one afternoon to scenic locations for landscape photographers. Be sure to bring enough film to shoot and prints to swap with fellow filmers!

Mornings will begin with an informal breakfast get together at the Blue Ridge Café, 7:00 a.m. The sun will rise about 7:00 a.m. and set about 7:15 p.m., giving you twelve hours of glorious autumnal light to photograph The Blue Ridge Parkway and 300+ miles of gravel roads in Floyd County, Virginia.

Join us for the fun, learning, and networking on September 21-24, 2023.



  • 7:00 an informal breakfast at the Blue Ridge Cafe for everyone to meet & chat.

  • 9:30 Welcome

  • 10:00 Eben Ostby, Rockbridge County, Virginia. “Seeing the Blue Ridge with different eyes” - When I moved to the Blue Ridge, I found that my way of looking at - and photographing - the world had to change. The region forced me to adopt some new techniques. And in return, the techniques helped me see the world differently. Eben will show original alternative process prints to illustrate his talk.

  • 11:00 Jim Andrachi, Midwest Photo, Columbus, Ohio. Jim will share insights about both the past and probable future of film-based photography based on his thirty-six years experience in the field of commercial and academic fields.

  • 12:00 Chris Coffey, Akron, Ohio. Chris will speak on crafting artist's statements and the like. He has printed his work in gelatin silver and platinum/palladium for thirty years.. His art is in museum collections and has been an artist-in-residence at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

  • 1:00 end of formal sessions for Friday. Those who could like to can go to our local Italian restaurant's buffet (Mickey G's) for a quick lunch for dispersing to photograph for the afternoon.


  • 7:00 an informal breakfast at the Blue Ridge Cafe for everyone to meet & chat.

  • 9:45 Welcome

  • 10:00 Joshua White, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, will speak about his hand crafted images using novel techniques since the beginning of his career. In this presentation, he will share images from various bodies of work from the past 15 years, touching on themes of mortality, memory, place, space travel, and manifest destiny. From lumen prints to wet plate collodion, Joshua will discuss his processes, conceptual development, and dedication to analog and hybrid processes. He teaches photography at Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina.

  • After his talk we will walk over to the Appalachian Center for Photography and view his tintype exhibition there. This will be a mind expanding exploration of philosophy and technique unique to analog photography.

  • 11:00 Russ Young wrote his doctoral dissertation ( about soft focus lenses and has an extensive collection which he utilizes in his own image making. This will be less of a talk and more hands-on demonstration where you will be able to actually examine/view the images on the ground glass with these uncommon and expensive lenses. Formats from 35mm to 8x10 will be demonstrated. Don't miss this rare opportunity.

  • 12:00 Wrap Up... Drawing for free film donated by Ilford! Collecting input from attendees. Plans for 2024. Farewells to new friends.

  • Informal luncheon at The Parkway Grille, 227 N. Locust.


  • Suggested:

  • Camera and film, accessories

  • Tripod if you use one

  • Hiking stick/trekking poles

  • Outdoor clothing in layers — temp. swings can be extreme

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen and bug repellent

  • Hiking boots/shoes (extra socks)

  • Pancho/Rain gear

  • Towel

  • Cell phone & charger

  • Flashlight

  • Water and snacks for your vehicle

  • Garbage bags

  • B/W print from film to show the group

  • Another one you want to trade

  • Your business card

  • Something to take notes on

*Most Important item to bring: An open mind to learn and discover this location with fellow film users

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