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Frequently Asked Questions

Classes at the Center

Q: What if I need to withdraw from a course?

A: Withdrawals are possible; please refer to the following link to see details about your refund eligibility or eligibility to re-assign your cost of tuition towards a different course:

Q: What types of amenities & conveniences does the Center provide, when I arrive for my class?

A: We have restrooms provided to guests. Also, a kitchen area is available for use on the first floor.


Q: Do I need to bring any art supplies to my class?

A: Check with the online listing for your class to see which art supplies will be provided and any which you may need to bring.

Q: What if inclement weather occurs during one or more of the day(s) my class is scheduled to meet?

A: We will notify you if the course needs to be cancelled. Usually the Floyd Center for the Arts will be closed whenever schools are closed. More info about cancellations can be found here:

Q: Do classes at the Center have a minimum enrollment number of students, below which a course may be canceled?

A: Yes, if a class at the Floyd Center for the Arts hasn't had adequate enrollment of participants, it may be necessary to cancel that class. The decision to cancel a class due to low enrollment will be made one-week before the first class meeting, unless specified otherwise. Please see this page for more info:

Q: I noticed there's a "Member" rate and a "Non-Member" rate for tuition. How do I become a member of the Floyd Center for the Arts and what additional benefits are provided by a membership?

A: You can purchase a membership on our website, by calling us at 

540-745-2784, or by visiting us in person. For more information about membership benefits and to purchase a membership, please refer to the following page:

Q: What classes will be offered in the future?

A: The course schedule for the next few months is available on our website, with new class offerings added on an ongoing basis. At the Center, we are constantly accepting course proposals for future courses. Which means our future offerings will be as varied as the imagination and inspiration of the talented instructors.


Q: For a better impression of the variety of courses offered, what are some classes that were offered in the past?

A: Past classes have included topics in Abstract Painting, Glass & Stone Mosaic, Hand Quilting, Wine Bottle Cutting, Ice Dyeing, Beeswax Batik, Plein Air Painting, Wheel Throwing, Glazing and Gas Reduction Kiln Firing, Portraiture Drawing, and much more.

Q: I have an idea for a class that I'd like to teach at the Center. How can I submit my proposal?

A: We'd love for you to tell us more about the class(es) you would like to teach! Click here to submit your Course Proposal today.

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