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Plaster Molds & Slip Casting (CER-071324-2)

Plaster Molds & Slip Casting (CER-071324-2)

SKU: 20240713-50-CER-071324-2
  • Making a plaster mold allows one to capture a form and produce multiple copies. Students are encouraged to bring forms of interest as a vehicle for discussion of the critical elements of planning a mold. In session one the instructor will provide a couple of forms to show the steps involved for 1 and multiple piece forms. We will go through the following steps: 1) using cottles to frame the piece, 2) using clay to define a section, 3) calculating the plaster mixture and pouring. For a two piece mold, these steps will be repeated. In session 2 we will mix slip and pour a mold and finish a piece from a mold prepared beforehand.

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