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Copper Repousse (BLK-062224)

Copper Repousse (BLK-062224)

SKU: 20240622-52-BLK-062224
  • Repoussé is a metalworking technique where a malleable metal (Copper or Aluminum) is shaped or ornamented by hammering or pushing from the reverse side to create a design in low relief. This art form has been employed for centuries across various cultures, including ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Far East. The process typically involves placing a thin sheet of metal on a surface and then hammering it from the back to achieve intricate patterns or three-dimensional forms on the front. Repoussé allows for the creation of detailed and elaborate designs, ranging from decorative motifs to narrative scenes. The resulting pieces showcase a unique combination of craftsmanship and artistic expression, making repoussé an enduring and versatile technique in the realm of metal artistry.

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