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Beginner & Intermediate Stained Glass (GLS-092124)

Beginner & Intermediate Stained Glass (GLS-092124)

SKU: 20240921-62-GLS-092124
  • Beginner Stained Glass Class: Participants will use an instructor provided pattern to create a 6” x 6” panel that is designed to allow them to learn each step of the process needed to complete a piece in the Tiffany style of stained glass, using the copper foil method. Currently, the maximum number of students has been cut in half from the original 6 due to Covid-19 and proper social distancing measures.

    After attending one of the Beginner Stained Glass Class sessions, you will be eligable for Intermediate Level Open Studio if interested. Intermediate Level Open Studio:The Open Studio Host will consult with each participant about their individual project ideas and provide a materials fee and an estimated number of sessions required to complete the project. Students will need to bring their prepared pattern with them to class. Typically, an approximately 6” x 6” project can be completed in one day. ***Please note in your purchase order in the "Notes" section if you will be a Beginner or Intermediate student!***

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