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Video: Cello Duet by the Martinu Quartet Cellist Jitka Vlasankova

Updated: May 20, 2020

As some of you may recall, the Martinu String Quartet (from the Czech Republic) has performed at the Center on two different occasions over the past five years. They were scheduled to return for a tour of the US this Fall, including a performance at the Center in November. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, the US tour has been cancelled.

The quartet has made it known to us that they love performing here and are disappointed they will not be returning to Floyd. However, in that vein, Jitka Vlasankova, the cellist of the quartet has recorded a cello duet - performing both parts - which she has sent to us to share with the Floyd audience. Her message along with the video is to “cheer us” during this worrisome time.


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