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Now on Display at the Hotel Floyd Satellite Gallery

Be sure to stop by the Hotel Floyd to visit the Floyd Center for the Arts Satellite Gallery. Inside the cheerful gallery space, an exhibit is currently on display featuring works by Lore Deighan, Aven Tanner, and Caroline Tresino.

Meet the Artists

Lore Deighan

Lore Deighan graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Painting and Printmaking in 2006. Since graduation Lore has continued to develop her painting style, which is highly influenced by numerous travels to other countries, and her deep reverence for the natural world. She currently lives in Floyd VA, sharing her passion for artmaking with children as a teacher at Blue Mountain School. She is a mother of two, and along with painting loves to swim, kayak, hike, camp and travel. For the past five years Lore has painted alongside Aven Tanner at Blind Cat Studio, in the town of Floyd.

“My art stems from an inherent desire to create. The process in which I create often evolves with an impulse to destroy. Through this relationship between creation and destruction I find a sense of true nature. As we build man-made structures we are both creating and destroying the landscape, and as I scrape away part of my painting new avenues arise and I experience both loss and liberation. I contemplate our impact on the land and its impact on us through painting, and the physical process in which I do so supports my deep inner sense that destruction and creation are one in the same"

Aven Tanner

“Drawing, painting, collage, sewing, clay....I love it all! I am inspired by nature, history and the depth of emotions. I tend to think of my art as visual storytelling. It grows and changes and manifests itself; taking me on a soulful journey.

I often feel like a puppet and the creative muse is in control. The process is healing and grounding. I want to share my art for people to create their own story, emotions and to make a connection with the beautiful, mysterious and even dark world in which we live in.”

Aven R. Tanner is an artist and teaches at Floyd County High School. She also teaches classes once a month in her studio (Blind Cat Studio) located in downtown Floyd. Aven has her BS in Art Education and a BFA in Ceramics from Radford University.

Caroline Tresino

Caroline's interest in art started at an early age and was sparked by her sister and her mother, each of whom had an artistic eye. She began using acrylic paint on everything from flower pots to furniture; in recent years, she's ventured into jewelry making and repurposing, polymer clay art, and multimedia projects. Today, Caroline works in multiple media to create unique and inspiring art pieces. She and her husband have lived full time in Floyd since 2012.

Photos of the Exhibition

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