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Kids Art Camp to-go Art Exhibit in the Falcon Gallery

On Display through Saturday, October 10

The Floyd Center for the Arts’ annual Kids Art Camp, usually held in July, was not able to be held in person this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Instead, we invited some area children to participate in Kids Art Camp to-go!, and provided them with a kit full of art supplies and some project ideas.  We then invited them to return their completed works to the Center to be displayed in one our galleries for the month of September.

This exhibit is comprised of those pieces, along with some other works produced by the participating children over the summer.  Some important points to notice include: We invited the children to dress up as a masterpiece and share a photo of themselves, so in this exhibit you will see one participant’s rendition of American Gothic, by Grant Wood. Another interesting point, we included watercolor pencils in the kit, and one participant spent the majority of her art time working with watercolors and trying various techniques. Also, one student worked more on sewing with her grandmother than drawing or painting, you can see a photo of her working on the dress she made, and in another, she is modeling her dress!  As for the modeling clay, it was part of the kit, but no direction was given.  The clay pieces you see are the result of the children’s own imagination and creativity. Not all of the children completed all of the projects, but all did enjoy the kit and continue to experiment with the supplies using their own imaginations to explore their creativity - which we see as a resounding success of the program!  Please watch our website for updates about a fall Afternoon Arts To Go program, launching in October.

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