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Help Us Help You to Breathe Safer

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Dear patrons of the Floyd Center for the Arts,

We have some good news - and I hope you will share and support our efforts to make the air at the Center clean and safe - especially during these times of uncertainty.

The Center desperately needs a new HVAC System. We have been given a matching grant from the Secular Society for $40,000. A new HVAC System including an air purifying system is $80,000. In order to begin work on this new system, we need to raise the additional funding.

I hope you will help us all by supporting this effort. Visitors, students, concertgoers etc., will all benefit from a filtered air system…. as will you when you visit!! If you will support us with this project, please send your donation to the Center indicating that it is for the new HVAC System.

Thank you as always for your consideration and support.

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