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Dec 18 - Jan 28: Floyd County High School Exhibit and More

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The Floyd County High School Exhibit is on display in the Hayloft Gallery until January 28, accompanied by Chris Bolduc’s "Pax Botanica" and Blue Mountain School’s "Faces of Blue Mountain School" on display in the Falcon and Breezeway Galleries. Additionally, Springhouse Community School’s "Artisan Apprenticeship" will be on display beginning January 14.

Our closing reception for this exhibit will occur virtually rather than in order to promote Covid safety.

As an annual exhibition, Floyd County High School Art students and teachers prepare, hang, and display their artwork in the Hayloft Gallery. This show has always been a valuable learning experience for students as it allows them to understand the entire process of exhibiting as a professional artist. This year instructors Aven Tanner and Kimberly Ingram will introduce 70 different artists and over 100 pieces of work with mediums including oil, acrylic, collage, pen and ink, digital art, colored pencil, pottery, graphite, embroidery, and more. The High School show will be on display in the Hayloft Gallery until Jan. 21st 2022.

Chris Bolduc showcases his exhibition "Pax Botanica" in the Falcon Gallery. Chris Bolduc received his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Sculpture and Painting. “This series of drawings follows the arc of the hero's journey, illustrating transformational states and transitional spaces found during a mythological experience or rite of passage. I am interested in liminality or betweenness, a space of transition where one stands at the threshold of one state into another” said Chris. He has shown his work around the United States and has most recently exhibited in the 16th New River Juried Art Biennial in Radford, VA. His medium of choice is India ink with brush on paper.

In the Breezeway gallery, Blue Mountain School displays works from students in their Primary and Forest programs. The medium is mixed media collage. Blue Mountain School is a 40 year old nature-based, constructivist school founded on the importance of social-emotional learning, and place-based education. “Having students examine themselves as unique individuals through multiple methods aligns with our mission and vision as a Contemplative Progressive school, and demonstrates self reflection and awareness,” the school said.

Springhouse Community School is joining the exhibition in the Center’s Community Room from January 14 – 22, 2022. They will be featuring various artistic projects created through their Artisan Apprenticeship Program. Media includes quilts, photography, bamboo flutes, and more. “Springhouse is an intergenerational learning community with life at its center. We are actively reimagining education and believe learning is a lifelong journey that should be centered around vitality, meaning, and cultivating wholeness to better serve the world’s emerging needs,” said Springhouse’s Ian Stabler.

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