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The Floyd Living Traditions Festival

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Mark your calendar for the Floyd Living Traditions Festival on August 26, 10am to 6pm. We're partnering the Handmade Music School to showcase traditional Floyd County arts on FCA's campus. The festival will be your chance to witness the magic of basket making, quilting, spinning, weaving, instrument making, blacksmithing, woodworking, dance and music!

We couldn’t be more excited to feature the work of local practitioners of traditional arts, young and old alike. These tradition bearers continue to tell the story of our shared past through their work!


  • Highlights include:

  • Collection of artifacts on display from of the Old Church Gallery

  • Demonstrations

  • Live music and dance

  • Interpretive performances and presentations about our rich local artistic heritage

  • Vendors showcasing and selling both traditional and contemporary art

  • Hands-on kids activities

  • Community Art Project encouraging all festival-goers to join in!

  • Food vendors


The Living Traditions Festival is made possible by support from:


Attendance is FREE!

Demonstrations at the Living Traditions Festival

BASKETRY by Kathy Dulaney, Calvin Edgarton, Tonya Yoder, and Rhonda Sowers


WOODWORKING by Jim Grant, Shaun Weber, and Jake Rauer


SPINNING & WEAVING featuring Scarlett & Meredith Meirs, Lori Willey, Tinsley Lowe, Rona Voorman, Diane Garland, Judy McPhail, Sarah & Eli Fleetwood


LUTHIER CRAFTSMANSHIP by Mike Mears and Mike Kovik




POTTERY by Mary Haddon, Ron Sutterer, and Reida Sage


QUILTING BEE with the Floyd Quilt Guild 


Music & Presentations

The festival will have two distinct stages:


Outdoor Stage for Music: Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of traditional Appalachian music, featuring live bands throughout the day!


Indoor Stage for Presentations: Engage your mind with enlightening presentations that delve into the heart of cultural heritage, offering insights into the stories, skills, and knowledge that define our community.

We are seeking volunteers for our upcoming festival, 

the Floyd Living Traditions Festival, on August 26, 10-6 pm. 


Help us celebrate Floyd County's Traditional Arts & Music by lending us a hand!


There are various indoor and outdoor roles, including:

  • Assisting with setup/take down

  • Parking

  • Indoor exhibit attendant

  • Helping with the welcome tent, kid's crafts, etc.

  • And more!!!


Click the link below to find the volunteer posting and sign-up.


Once you have chosen your volunteer assignment/timeslot, click the SAVE & CONTINUE button at the bottom of the screen. It will then ask you for your name, email, and phone number. You will then receive a confirmation email.


If you need to make a change to your signup in the future, you can go back using the same link. For any questions, please email

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