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Winterfest 2020

Handmade for the Holidays
Artisan Goods, Arts, and Crafts available from the following vendors
Sugar Grove Studio

Functional and Decorative Stoneware Pottery

Sugar Grove Studio

Graphic Linework Paintings & Stationery

Jen Huffman Art

Over the Course of our lifetimes we have all taken mental snapshots that stand out in our memories with minute details picked from seemingly larger events that have since faded with time. People have a way of seeing parts of a moment in startling detail as they experience their surroundings. Even though our memories of a moment can differ greatly from those who shared it with us, we have this compulsion to share those memories with others as a means of building a personal vocabulary of who we were and who we are becoming. As I participate in the day to day aspects of my life, I find myself seeing the small things. Tiny moments of visual clarity and sharp glimpses of daily life that stand out in my memory. When painting, I strive to create visual representations of the things that stood out in my mind,s eye as interesting, beautiful, or as symbols of experiences both shared and private. Through the use of soft retreating colors and dramatic detailed linework I attempt to convey the selective nature of personal memory by playing with focus and depth of field. I choose to leave my works untitled so that the viewers are allowed a chance to give this place or detail a more personalized interpretation of its meaning and the significance that they attribute to each painting. As with spoken word, visual language takes on many meanings based on the recipient’s experiences and understanding.

Dresses, Bags, & Aprons

Appalachian Ties

German Christmas specialty cakes

Barbara von Claparede-Crola

Flashy Glass Creations

Decorative Stained Glass

Flashy Glass Creations

Functional Homemade Pottery

Betse Dunham Pottery

Handspun yarns knitted to sweaters

Rae Jean Rimmer

Recycled Art & Lamps

Fancy Scrap

Handcrafted wood products

Boyds Woodcrafts

Aileen Fletcher Art

Tile prints, magnets, Photo prints

Aileen Fletcher Art

Born in Wasington, DC, Aileen grew up in suburban Maryland, graduating from Bethesda Chevy Chase High school. She has a BA from Duke University and an MA from Virginia Tech. She taught art at New River Community College for 33 years, retiring in 2011. She loves photographing landscapes, "dead Houses", her family, flowers, and anything that's growing. She has been interested in art all her life and concentrates on photography as her major artistic pursuit.

Classic Murphy

Distinctive Polymer Clay Jewelry

Classic Murphy

Phawlterin’ Phoenix

DSF Ceramics

Whismical hand built cermic sculpture

DSF Ceramics

One of a kind Tie dyed t-shirts and masks

AZ's Resalez

Langley Anderson Photography

Framed photographs & Note Cards

Langley Anderson Photography

Langley Anderson grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and received her Bachelor of Arts from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas in 1999. Anderson recently earned her Master of Fine Arts in studio art, with a concentration in photography, from Radford University in Radford, Virginia. Anderson’s latest photographic series, Mutualism, which focuses on colorful imagery that she creates with a microscope, has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Virginia, Texas, and Washington. Her work has received many awards, including “Images of Distinction” from the Nikon Small World 2019 Photomicrography Competition and Honorable Mention at the Toyoko International Foto Awards in 2019. Anderson has also received private commissions and publication in Photographer’s Forum Best of Photography 2018. She has served on several art committees and presented her work at SECAC (Southeastern College Art Conference) in Columbus, Ohio in 2017. Anderson teaches art at the elementary through university levels, works as free-lance photographer, and resides in Radford, Virginia.

Mutualism explores a relationship between science and art. Using scanning electron and stereo microscopes, I tightly image organic specimens. By digitally manipulating and enhancing my subjects’ space and color, unique, anatomical attributes are revealed in the form of archival pigment prints. My photography merges actuality and abstraction, illustrating the allure of the natural world in a new way.

Samantha Riggin Photography

Fine art photography

Samantha Riggin Photography

Perhaps I am a cliché, but I’ve seen a lot during my life. My grandfather mined coal in southwest Pennsylvania, and my father was a corporate attorney. I was exposed to both Appalachia and the wonders of New York City. I’ve been both homeless and successful. I am grateful for my experiences. Today, I am the museum curator for the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, steward of 150 years of history. I am the keeper of the dead; responsible for safeguarding stories, memories and tangible items from cadets long gone. My photography is eclectic: landscapes, florals, documentary. Black and White is my preference - I believe emotions are deeper in this format. My heart lies in capturing what used to be - and what remains - within Appalachian towns nearly erased by time. Where coal miner’s souls haunt abandoned buildings and crumbling tipples. The spirits are palpable.

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