Free Your Write: Creative Writing

with Hannah Colon


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February 10, 2022

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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Class Description

To free write and bring your creative thoughts into words, inspired by poems, quotes, stories and like minds. Writing doesn’t need to be intimidating, especially for new writers. As a former college student, free writing was the easiest technique to get the mental juices flowing. No pressure. Just write. Free writing reduces expectations for perfection; it also boosts the creative mind. In addition, writing can be meditative and healthy. Exercises will be influenced from a few of my favorite books. You are welcome to bring a piece of artwork of any kind to share if it helps. There is no right or wrong way to free write. We will not edit, just write. We will write free in increments, 5 - 10 minutes. The more comfortable you become, the more you will write. In college, my classes went by way too fast, 1 hour was too short. That is the time people start loosening up. I will use quotes from poems, excerpts from books. We are here to inspire and motivate one another. Sharing is optional; however, it is most rewarding when you do. There is no pressure on grammar and form. Simply free write. I am excited to see your confidence shine and hear all your beautiful, creative minds. Join me to free write with more creators like you.

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Materials List

Students should bring a journal or notebook and writing utensils.

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About the Instructor

My hometown is in Floyd. However, once I hit the wild age of wandering, I moved away. The ocean is my favorite place so I moved to the coast. For 15 years, I lived in Wilmington, NC. I earned my Bachelors in English, with a Creative Writing minor. In the midst of all those years, I raised two daughters. I now tell people that I have two whole adult children. In addition, once complete granddaughter. Originally I went to college to prove to myself I did it. Since I love writing, particularly poetry, I decided to study English.

I graduated in 2011 at UNCW. In 2017, I published my first book. At 40 years old, I self-published my first book. And the other ones years after. One of my favorite participations in college was workshops, free writes, group work and sharing. I took so many creative writing classes, I had a minor and didn't even know it until right before I graduated. Since I graudated, I live in Charleson, SC for many years. Last year, Covid drug me back to my hometown. In Charleston, I joined in on free workshops for writers or anyone who wanted to write. I loved the classes and met great people. I loved that community. I feel we all have a story in us. I want to bring those stories alive for others, in poetry, storytelling, art... period, therapy, etc. Writing has been my best therapy. I know it will be for others as well.

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