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Sheep to Wool (FIB-091424)

Sheep to Wool (FIB-091424)

SKU: 20240914-124-FIB-091424
  • Raising sheep and using their wool has been part of Appalachian Culture since European immigrants colonized the area. Sheep to Wool is a hands-on wool workshop that will take participants from freshly shorn sheeps’ wool to clean, prepared wool that is ready to spin or felt. In this class, we will learn to skirt the fleece (the process of removing wool with stains, second cuts and vegetable matter from the fleece before processing it). We will learn how to correctly wash a fleece, including how to prevent felting of the wool fibers. Finally we will learn two different ways to prepare wool for spinning or felting using cards and combs. Participants will leave the class with wool that is ready to spin or felt. Along the way we will discuss the history of cottage wool production, what products we use that are made of wool, different sheep breeds and the differences in the wool they grow and explore modern uses of wool that promote this renewable resource, grown fresh every year on the sheep. Come join us as we discover the wonders of wool and get our hands dirty and then clean again with this incredibly versatile fiber.

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