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Learning to Spin: The Drop Spindle (FIB-101224)

Learning to Spin: The Drop Spindle (FIB-101224)

SKU: 20241012-125-FIB-101224
  • Learning to Spin: The Drop Spindle is the next step in the process that takes us from wool to yarn. Using techniques and tools that were used by our ancestors, we will learn the slow, intentional craft of turning wool into yarn with a bit of wood and our own two hands. Using wool prepared in the Sheep to Wool class, or wool provided by the Center, we learn the incredible history of spinning fiber, different spindles and their specific uses, the best wool preparation for spinning on a spindle and the magical mechanics of spinning. Participants will take home a drop spindle and yarn that they spun, with extra wool for continued spinning and knowledge of a new craft that is meditative, slow, intentional and fun!

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