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Backyard Natural Wool Dyeing (FIB-110924)

Backyard Natural Wool Dyeing (FIB-110924)

SKU: 20241109-126-FIB-110924
  • Backyard Natural Wool Dyeing uses materials that are all around us to turn yarn into something truly spectacular with colors from the backyard. Participants will learn the alchemy of natural dyeing by turning their off-white skeins of yarn into Nature's Palette of gold, pink, orange, green and brown. We will use materials that we can find in our kitchen compost bucket (onion skins and avocados!) and materials that are easily found in the backyards, woods and roadsides all around us in Floyd (walnut hulls and pokeberries!) Join us to learn about natural dyes that are just waiting every time we step outside. We will dye yarn created in Learning to Spin: Drop Spindle class, or use yarn provided by the instructor.

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