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Falcon Gallery, Feb. 13-April 3: Steve Lash Exhibition

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Join us in the Falcon Gallery from February 13 - April 3, 2021 for

"Portraits and Backgrounds: Pencil Drawings," an exhibition by Steve Lash

"I've been interested in integrating 3-dimensional portraits with 2-dimensional images from our cultural past for many years. In these drawings I use lines and marks to mesh the flat background images with the portraits. For example, in "Joe on a Starry Night" and in "Betts", I use the same types of marks and lines in the background and in the figure . The figures in these drawings are connected to the backdrop in other symbolic and visual ways as well. I've borrowed images from Celtic Art (e.g., "Eamon") and from paintings in Western Art (e.g., "In Van Gogh's Garden") for the background for many of these drawings. You'll see the mark-making when you look closely. I spend most of my time close-up to these images, working on the pencil marks, erasures, and smudges. I encourage the viewer to look close-up when you visit the gallery too."

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