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Falcon Gallery, June 12-Aug. 7: "Confessions" by Maggie Schallmo

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

About the Artist

Maggie Schallmo is a senior honors student at Radford University pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education.

“My family has deep ties in the folk art revival in North Carolina, as I am a direct descendant from Daniel Boone. My artwork, though, is quite different from my mother's and her fathers, as it is far more abstract in style. I take inspiration from cubism, surrealism, and pop art, and add a TON of my own flair!

My work is my way of expressing my deepest emotions and life changing experiences, and they together tell my story as a student, from high school to now. Since this is my first gallery opening and my honor's capstone, it's a collection of art in a variety of media that when in the same room tell an incredible story.”

- Maggie Schallmo

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