Ortho-Tango by Barry Keller

Medium: Welded Steel (6' x 6' x 3')
Price: $6,500
Ortho-Tango by Barry Keller (Welded Stee

About the artist Barry Keller

Barry Keller has worn many hats in his life and, like so many artists, his work carries a little shadow of his diverse past occupations, experiences, and hobbies as it is the melding of practical skills and knowledge, as well as the product of a uniquely creative perspective.


Experience in welding, home construction, and machine manufacturing industries inform the mechanics and structure necessary for successful three-dimensional and kinetic design. This is an example of the practical application of his experience. Passion for the outdoors and outdoor sports also come heavily into play for material suggestions, shapes, movement, and subject matter. Less obvious, however, are how even his experiences in theater, garbage collection, hardware sales, music, arborist work, videography and film contribute to his aesthetic.

Barry’s material selections are diverse, as he loves to explore the possibilities and limitations of everything from steel and aluminum to plastic, fabric and wood. Much of his work is partially made from reclaimed materials because he sees potential in so many things that have already been used for one purpose.


Among his works to date are dancing skeletons, metal trees, small and very large insects, a six foot tall gleeful metal cow and much more. He has also created functional designs for use in video and theater that were stand-alone works of their own, such as a nest with eggs big enough for actors to “hatch” out of over and over.


The Creator has given His creative spirit to every man manifested in diverse ways. This creative spirit is the driver and director of all of Barry’s work.